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Did You Hear the Story About the …

Storytelling is the fundamental vehicle for human communication.

I recognized many years ago – long before I began writing publicly – that I’m inclined to frame all my experience as a story. I commonly step into a conversation with, “Well, here’s the story…”, or as my father used to say, “That’s the story…”

The underlying mission of Essential Confection is, and will always be, to partner with and support orgs that feed others.

It’s how I wish to show up in the world.

So, as an Essential Confection guest, I’ll be asking for your personal recommendations of people or organizations who are doing good work in the world – innovative or dedicated ways of feeding people. That includes teaching children about growing and choosing quality food. We want our guests’ org recommendations to be our partners.

Please join Essential Confection guests in our broader mission. Our participation is producing simple, high-quality confection products of outstanding flavor and texture.

We want you to be our partner.  The Ultimate annual purchase is a gift for yourself, your family or business associates.


Confection Contemplation

Mt Hood on the horizon wasn’t enough.  I demanded the moon be its companion of scale…

In creating the voice for this new blog, I first needed to convince myself the effort was necessary.  Creating the voice?  Blogging is conversation, yes?  How else would one be conversant if not with her own voice?

Ah, but what about tone, delivery, personality and humor? And how does each of these qualities impact the conversation with one’s chosen audience?

I truly don’t want to over-think this and, in fact I’m not certain I want to think about it at all.  But there is a driver here.  An important opportunity at the beginning of a project to create it in as much detail as I wish.

What else would I wish for?  Poetry.  As either a complement or a contrast to the content of the post .  Or perhaps with no relevance to the post whatsoever.  Weaving a line of story-telling into the growth of a professional skill set.   After all, it’s not an academic blog.  More creative form.  More ease in the writing. 

Well, now that was worthwhile, wasn’t it?

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