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The Sweet Spot Between Risk and Reassurance

“Every purchase is a dance between risk and reassurance.” This quote from a consummate storyteller encapsulates how each of us feels when we execute the purchase of a product we plan to gift to family members, business colleague or friends. Often, we temper the excitement we feel for gifting a product or service we believe will be enjoyed by the recipient with mild apprehension that the gift will be loved and appreciated. There’s a sweet spot that bridges risk with reassurance.

Our guests must have faith in our company, our products and our service – our value statement – before taking action to support us. Trust in business is a very scarce resource, one that we honor with each guest. We want to contribute to the experiences of your lives. We prove it by doing our best work each and every time.

The Essential Espresso Brownie will replace the three varieties of Essential Caramels in our Ultimate Bundle for all future orders. The Essential Espresso Brownie has intensely flavored espresso powder and a secret underlying flavor affinity that complements our 72% Guittard chocolate. It rounds out our annual purchase very nicely. Garnished with a dusting of espresso bean-infused sugar, each glorious bite has every quality of the very best brownie: a thin floating crust and richly succulent interior.

With no loss of faith, our beloved Essential Caramels – Sugar + Cream, Salted Chocolate and Chocolate Espresso – are always available for gifting and events. Here’s how a guest described his enjoyment of Essential Caramels that he received as a gift:

“I have never tasted any form of confection as perfect as your caramels.  Awesome is all I can say. I would like to be able to order your wonderful caramels for myself and to give as gifts to others.”

The Sweet Spot Between Risk and Reassurance

If you or your recipients have enjoyed any Essential Confection product – Essential Panettone, Essential Butter Cake, Essential Caramels – and would extend us the gift of your comments about that product or experience, we would be very grateful. You may do so by simply clicking this link and signing-in with your Google account. We offer our products (risk) as statement of who we are, and ask for your considered evaluation (reassurance).

Although our antennae is up, we inevitably overlook some opportunity to serve others in small ways each day; but the real pleasure in life is discovering those moments and jumping into new experiences.

We are grateful for you and for your chosen relationship with Essential Confection.


Flavor and Textural Development are our Hallmarks

Essential Confection’s focus is flavor and textural development of simple, elegant products using the highest quality ingredients, with preference given to local artisan suppliers.

This week we launch an annual purchase model. Confection products are delivered quarterly with non-recurring fees and no automatic renewals. First in our new lineup is the Mini Essential Butter Cake, the perfect confluence of savory and sweet.

We partner with our guests to empower people in our community and to support food systems that nourish and heal.

Essential Confection offers confection products through annual purchase with non-recurring fees, and for gift-giving (family, friends, corporate, holiday) and events. Each product offering has finite order and production periods to ensure top quality and freshness. Our products ship.

We would love the opportunity to partner with you to serve others as our products help to support equitable food systems.

The Essential Confection annual purchase launch is 7-Aug.

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