Although I love the practice and luxury of high tea, pairing tea with confection products can require as much skill as pairing wine with dinner or dessert. Complementary tea flavors elevate the entire experience of small bites of savories and sweets. Tea also settles the body and mind, luring us into a calm and relaxed respite that enhances enjoyment of our dessert pairing.

Essential Confection product development always has wine and tea pairings in mind. Moscato d’asti, a sweet, bubbly Italian dessert wine, has flavors of peaches, grapes, orange blossoms and Meyer lemons. It pairs beautifully with Mini Essential Butter Cake and grilled fruit. Moscato d’asti is traditionally paired with Essential Panettone, our classic, artisan dessert-bread, as well. Creative companies like Traveling Vineyard offer specific wine pairing suggestions for many, many foods – salty, savory and sweet. Here’s a neat tool to explore on their site. 

A green oolong, chai tea or milky English breakfast tea would be lovely with our butter cake. A fruity green tea is a great accompaniment to the citrus and yeasty flavors of panettone. The same vocabulary we use to describe wine or aperitifs – tannins, terroir, fruit undertones – applies to tasting tea.


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viscous tastes of silky vanilla…


Because of my interest in single-flavor and textural development in confection products, tea pairings are a logical next step to more fully enjoying our products. We will be partnering with tea aficionados to offer the most gratifying tea-dessert pairings.

We wish to deepen your enjoyment of Essential Confection products, and to heighten your awareness of how flavors contribute to and juxtapose one another for added pleasure.

Mini Essential Butter Cake is available year-round in any quantity for events and gift-giving. Contact us to chat about a larger order to reconnect with those whose relationships you value.