Gifting instead of holiday travel this year? Choosing to host a holiday event – perhaps, an open house – to connect safely with a very limited number of friends? Dropping gifts at friends’ doorsteps in lieu of traditional communal meals?


If you’re considering a casual, sparsely populated indoor event, why not stagger guests’ invitation times and create additional comfort by offering each guest a holiday mask?


Creating new Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas memories can not only forever memorialize the gifts you give but can give rise to new holiday traditions we may then honor year after year.

Most people I know want to deepen the meaning of the time they spend with friends and family this holiday season. Consider dropping off Essential Douglas Fir Shortbread™. Calling ahead to drop off a gift is more fun than you can imagine! That fun is compounded when you spend an afternoon visiting additional friends, family and people in your personal sphere.


Unique; beautifully gift-sized; amazingly economical. If you’re in Portland Metro, we can arrange for you to pick up to save local shipping fees.


The Nov order window for Essential Douglas Fir Shortbread™ to ensure delivery for Hanukkah or Thanksgiving closes tomorrow. The Dec order window for delivery prior to Christmas opens on Sun, 5-Dec.


The excitement of the season – seasonal challenges notwithstanding – is upon us. Challenge brings innovation, yes?


With delight, we announce our first press release of Essential Douglas Fir Shortbread! Here’s the link.


Thank you for your support of Essential Confection.