A friend with a discerning wit and a beautiful sense of style was traveling to Hawaii with his new partner and his partner’s family to enjoy their spring retreat. At the family’s insistence, the trip was gifted to my friend – first-class.

His partner’s birthday fell during the trip. Always the creative, my friend purchased his partner’s favorite carrot cake from a New York dessert company and had it shipped to Hawaii to celebrate the special event. He purchased a second cake to accompany the evening meal on the last night of the trip – and hired a chef team to cook the meal as a gift to his hosts.

Celebrating the people and events of our lives has a higher level of awareness for most of us now as we step toward the restored lives unfolding before us.

While spending $240 on two cakes may raise an eyebrow, the actual purchase was the experience of the event, a special and unexpected contribution that created delight and elevated the celebration.

Essential Confection participates in our guests’ life events. We relish hearing the stories of our guests’ celebrations, and love contributing to your experiences.

Follow along as we tell the tales our guests tell us. Then, consider how we might partner with you to benefit your next special occasion.