Emblematic of a community that honors resource preservation as one of its priorities are the book boxes found in Portland neighborhoods. Take one; leave one. I read a story recently of an Australian community that took the concept to the next level, building similar boxes where shelf-stable food and personal care items can be donated and obtained. A small way communities care for their own residents.

The greatest opportunity, and most egregious failure, of the American food system is the disconnect between the super-abundance of largely low-cost food and the food insecurity of millions of people. Aligned with solving food insecurity is repurposing the enormous food waste that is generated by consumers and food service businesses alike.

Essential Confection, as an organization, wishes to contribute to solving food insecurity. We want to enter into conversation with others who are similarly committed.

Current and future product development – future sales – and the donation of our time will be the foundation of our support of this commitment. Know that your support of Essential Confection will aid in this effort.

Who do you know (people, orgs) who has the resources, the capability and the commitment to work with us in this endeavor? What other ideas do you have to ease food insecurity in our local communities, nationally and globally? If were partnering, where do you think we should start?

Please reach out for conversation and connection. We are eager to work together.


We are grateful for your support.