Yesterday, the word “eccentricities” found its way into a conversation among a group of very dear and insightful women. We marveled at how mature relationships have a profoundly different resonance than those early experiments of our youth.

One person’s perceived eccentricities are another person’s charm or brilliance – her je ne sais quoi – elusive qualities that are not easily named.

Pleasing, somewhat undefinable qualities not only endear us to others; they enhance our lives when we sample things of unexpected quality. Several years ago, I tasted a product new to the Portland food market. The company, Cocacao, blends cacao, coconut nectar and coconut oil into a silky treat that is further enhanced with nuts, spices and fruit. It was a revelation that lingers in my memory.

Essential Confection empowers our customers to gift that special ‘eccentricity’ – that unexpected quality – to their recipients.


Of cacao’s munificence,

a brush stroke of coconut

paints ecstasy into being.

Oh, sweet virtue!


 Whose eccentric qualities enliven your life?