Heart of fir essence,

Soul of the Northwest, 

Fill us and be filled with majesty and mystery.


If ever we were to become receptive to new holiday traditions, it most certainly will have been in these past two years. In my previous work life, I had an ongoing and spontaneous practice of dropping off small gifts – often confection items – to my best clients as statements of appreciation.


During the holiday season, I offered those clients the opportunity to select luxurious buttercream tortes or elegant holiday cookie tins produced by a local high-end cakery. I ordered my clients’ gifts several weeks in advance of the pre-determined pickup date, sent reminders as the pickup date approached, and picked the gifts up on the morning of the event.

On the pickup day, I took residence in a company conference room – a room now filled with luscious cakes and cookies. Clients stopped by at their convenience throughout the day. We reconnected, caught up on family and personal events, and wished each other the best of the season.


This client appreciation event was more fun than you can imagine! I loved creating a new holiday tradition!


As a business owner – or even as a friend! – why not open your business or home for a day to the clients or friends you care most about? It’s your unique version of a holiday open house – infinitely adaptable! Gifting at Hannakuh or Thanksgiving? A “Friends-Giving” event! Your new holiday tradition!


The beauty of gifting Essential Douglas Fir Shortbread™ this season is that the product isn’t stuck in the supply chain melee… it’s here! The only unknown is domestic shipping capability, which we are mitigating to the greatest extent possible – through 2-day air.

In one week, the Nov Essential Douglas Fir Shortbread™ order window will open. Through inventive research, testing and critical tasting, we’ve hit the sweet spot of fragrance and flavor. View our new product launch video here, or click this link:



In a season filled with shipping uncertainties and product unavailability, positioning our petite sized shortbread tins at an easy price point is an appealing, affordable, and delightfully inventive solution.


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